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Mesopotamia Environmental Journal

Mesopotamia Environmental Journal (Mesop. Environ. J.) is a peer-reviewed journal. All papers suitable for the Journal will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. The Journal is published quarterly.There is not any definite time line for manuscript submission, and your paper (s) is always welcome.The Journal only accepts papers in English. Submission of a manuscript implies that the work has not been published before and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere,. Mesopotamia Environmental Journal is an International, professional, peer-reviewed Journal. It is regularly published quarterly in English by Environment Research Center, University of Babylon, Iraq.Its mission is to provide an interactive plenary forum for discussion and debates about pressing and current environmental issues. Specific topics of interest include :ecology, environmental pollution, environmental engineering, biodiversity limnology, fresh water biology, ecotoxicology, , green chemistry, environmental chemistry, wastewater treatment, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, bioremediation,environmental biotechnology, plantecophysiology and ecology, animal ecology, microbial ecology, environmental management, algae and phytoplankton.

Mesopotamia Environment Journal (MEJ)

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All Research papers published as articles in our journal i.e Mesopotamia Environmental Journal (MEJ) can be accessed openly under our Online Agreement you have full permission to view as PDF Files including Research Body ,Abstract and any other related citation . For more informationabout our policies please checkthe administrative pages section .

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Publication charge for each article is 100 USD or 125 ID which can be payed by - Our bank account (Al- Rashid Bank – Babylon University Branch 579) Account number 50037 . Or by: Paying the fees directly to the accountant our Environmental Research Center.- Either way please send us a scan copy of your payment reset. western union

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